Help us to Help you

AFP Towing is here to help you, whether you need a tow or maybe just a boost or any of the other services we offer.  We understand this may be the first time you have ever needed the services of a towing company and we will help you through the process, but some important information you should have before you call us includes:

Where the vehicle is.                     We can’t help you  if  we can’t find you

What type of vehicle you have.  make and model
front wheel drive, all wheel drive, 4×4

A brief description of what the problem is, you don’t need to be a mechanic

examples  it won’t start, it just quit, tire fell off, was involved in a collision


having this information can greatly reduce the time it takes us to ascertain what service you need and what truck we need to send to you, thus reducing the time you have to wait for us.

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